[Marxism] Tariq Ali and Chavez

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Thu Aug 19 08:08:34 MDT 2004

	As people here have basically noted, Tariq's article bubblingly quoting 
Chavez about not seeing a proletarian revolution on the scene tells us more 
about Tariq than it does Chavez. After all, what Chavez said he rejects is 
formula marxism, but that he is prepared to die for a revolution (but not 
the formulaic proletarian revolution) rather than be pure and do nothing. 
Only the advocates of contemplative purity could knock that, no?
	On Argentine TV two days ago (as reported in Venpress), Chavez made the 
following description of what he is struggling for:

'On the political side, participatory and protagonistic democracy; on the 
social side, a true social revolution to return to the people what was 
taken away in order to guarantee all Venezuelans their fundamental rights: 
education, health; on the economic side, to transform the capitalist model 
into a post capitalist model, a humanistic, productive, diversified model 
that generates a situation of equality, consequently social justice and peace.'

	Is that a problem?

	in solidarity,

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