[Marxism] Re: Building the revolutionary party

Lou Paulsen loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 19 10:29:28 MDT 2004

--- Tony Abdo <gojack10 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> [WWP] is almost invisible as a distinctly, directly anti-capitalist
organization, the Workers World Party. That would be too communist in
conservative times, as the WWP sees the present era.  ...
>A WWP that is too scared of the real world to even celebrate its own
nature as being a group of commies that wants revolution and not mere
reform, cannot grow in this period.  

- - -

I have a bunch of things to reply to in the 'queue' and a shortage of
time, but, briefly, Tony, you have perhaps noticed that we are running
a presidential campaign, in our own name?  The whole point of this is
to be visible as a distinctly, directly anti-capitalist organization.

If we are going to get criticized for something I am glad we are
getting criticized for doing coalition work at the expense of
"party-building" rather than for doing nothing but toot our own horn. 
There is always a tension between doing the necessary work of the
coalition and hawking one's own newspaper.  It's not something we
haven't talked about.  You're right that we have to do both.  You're
mistaken if you think we don't want to do both.  As for sending people
all over to college towns, I'm not opposed to it, but I'm also for
organizing in the oppressed community as Scot says we ought to be
doing.  And if you think we have this great surplus of people and money
(the myth of "WWP's deep pockets" was current on the LBO list a while
back) so that we can easily do whatever comes to mind, alas, that is
also a misconception......

Briefly and incompletely, Lou

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