[Marxism] Hurricane Charley and what we can do about it

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 19 12:20:42 MDT 2004

The extensive damage which was caused by Hurricane Charley
has been the subject of numerous messages from Cuba, both
personal and with news stories. I've also received queries
from individuals asking what we can do, or if there have
been any appeals for humanitarian aid directly from the
island itself. So far, there have been no appeals coming
from Cuba in this respect. If there are any, I'll pass
them along as soon as I receive them.

The Roman Catholic Church has responded promptly:

The suggestions from the Cuba-L listserve which came to
me yesterday points in the right direction. In light of
the devastation caused by Hurricane Charley, the best
thing we all can do in the United States, and anywhere
else, is to let the Bush Administration know that now
is the time to lift all restrictions on travel to Cuba
and the sending of humanitarian aid to Cuba as well.

Walter Lippmann, Moderator, CubaNews list
Dear Cuba-L reader,
Hurricane Charley killed 4 persons and destroyed 16,000
homes in Cuba. It also obliterated many crops in western
Cuba. The entire town of Guanimar, for example, has no
homes standing. Water supply, electricity and gas services
have been affected throughout the entire province of
Havana. Cattle, chickens and other animals did not survive
the 240 km per hour gusts of wind and the heavy rains. The
US media has reported on the $15 billion dollars of damages
created in Florida by the hurricane. It is unknown what is
the total worth of the4 damages produced in Cuba, but the
damage is as high as in Florida.
We are urging you and anyone else you can contact to ask 
the President of the United States:
1. lift his prohibitions on Cuban American travel 
2. lift prohibitions on remittances by Cuban Americans 
3. allow that anyone in the US send humanitarian aid to families, 
churches, hospitals and humanitarian institutions in Cuba. 
Allowing travel and assistance by means of a general license, 
even if limited to a short period of time, should permit 
humanitarian contact and assistance among Cuban Americans 
and their relatives in Cuba.
If you reside in the United States we are requesting that 
you send an email to the President of the United States 
proposing that he lifts the limitations on the traveling 
to Cuba.
e-mail:  president at whitehouse.gov
fax: 202 4562461
phone: 202-4561111
Thank you,
Nelson P Valdes
Cuba-L Direct

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