[Marxism] Final vote talley from Venezuelan recall

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 19 12:24:09 MDT 2004

Venezuelan Opposition Adamant to Say Uncle

Caracas, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan opposition
is still adamant to accept its defeat in the presidential
referendum held Sunday, despite overwhelming national and
international recognition to the President's win.

Coordinadora Democratica (the umbrella opposition group)
seems determined to increase political tensions in the
country, by resorting to a private media campaign claiming
a hypothetical fraud in the poll.

Chavez´s opponents, which were supposed to accept the
poll's results after Chavez' win was endorsed by the
Organization of American States and the Carter Center,
reacted otherwise at realizing defeat.

The most radical opposition groups even offended and tried
to attack Carter when he was having dinner in a restaurant
in Caracas on Wednesday.

In its second and updated report, the CNE announced that
Chavez finally received the support of 59.06 percent of
votes, while 40.94 percent sought his recall. At least 
5 553 209 people ratified President Hugo Chavez in his 
post while 3 849 683 voted him out.


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