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Our man in Bogota reports:

> First, everyone should be clear that the anti-Chaves coalition was -
> and is - orchestrated by the US embassy in Colombia working under the
> direction of people in the Southern Command and in Washington D.C.
> This cabal includes everyone from people who claim to be Maoists,
> Trotskyists and Communists (of the old CP brand) to the business
> associations which organize Venezuela's very tiny bourgeoisie. What
> they have in common is a piece of the pie. Or rather what the HAD in
> common was a piece of the pie. The pie is Venezuela's oil. Venezuela
> has more oil under the ground than any other country int he Western
> Hemisphee with the possible exception of the USA. More even than
> Mexico.

This is a very cogent agent we have there.

It is worth recording that, yes, in every semicolonial country the 
centerpiece of the whole political machine is that product or array 
of products that link the country to the global market under 
imperialist guidance.

Thus, you will always have two "parties", or "sets of parties", which 
in Venezuela can be termed the "party of oil" and the "party of the 

It is interesting to note that the lines sometimes blur.  For 
instance, I have been learning, from some postings on Reconquista 
Popular, that the party of Carlos Andrés Pérez, Acción Democrática, 
was rooted in the APRA of Haya de la Torre, the Peruvian petty 
bourgeois anti-imperialist of the 30s who first proposed Latin 
American unity as a basic goal of policy.

As you all know, AD has become the mainstay of the party of oil.  
However, since there was a line within AD that attempted to be 
faithful to its Aprista origin, there was a possibility for this 
haven of sepoys to reform itself, and in fact this is a risk they 
actually ran with some candidate, Prieto by name, whom they squeezed 
out of the Presidential carreer during the late 60s.

Know what?  The AD line which followed this Prieto is now making part 
of the groups that support Chávez.

Grey is theory, and green the tree of life.  In Latin America, where 
classes are not completely formed, the green tree of life is full of 
strange plants which share the features of many and all of the sudden 
bloom in awesome horror or in wonderful beauty.

The first Europeans who came here were convinced that we had "bald 
lions" and "tigers".  Wrong.  What we have are cougars and jaguars.

In politics as well as in biology.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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