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"Get on the bus" for the Million Worker March, 
Oct. 17, 2004, Washington, D.C.!
The struggle of working people and the struggle 
against the war are the same struggle!
Bring the troops home now! End the occupation of Iraq!
Organize a local “AntiWar 4 the Million Worker March" 
committee now!

Dear Activists and Organizers,

This fall in Washington, D.C., you will have a timely and historic
opportunity to unite the anti-war movement with an unprecedented and vitally
necessary mass march of working people speaking for themselves. This is a
rare opportunity that serious anti-war activists can't afford to pass up.

Some of the strongest voices and most active groups in the labor movement,
together with the active support and participation of organizations
representing every progressive movement and cause, will be “getting on the 
bus to D.C. on Sunday, October 17, for the MILLION WORKER MARCH. A sea of
workers from every industry, from every union and every place where workers
want a union, from every part of the country, will be streaming into the 
capital to demand things like jobs, a living wage and workers' rights.

They will also express their anger over the senseless dying that is going on
every day in Iraq and elsewhere, and their desire that it end now. Why?
Because it is working families who bear the burden, it is their loved 
ones who are sent off to fight and die--and it is their, our, the workers'
money that is stolen to pay for war and occupation.

What makes the Million Worker March unique is that the event´s principal
organizers want to make the anti-war movement´s demand to “End the
Occupation of Iraq, and Bring the Troops Home Now" central to the march's
message and the goals.


We are asking anti-war activists to set up local “Anti-war 4 the Million
Worker March committees. Start meeting, planning, and reserving buses to go
to Washington on October 17. Anti-war coalitions and groups need to let us 
know ASAP if their group can be listed as an “Anti-war 4 the Million Worker
March" committee in their locality or region.

We encourage activists to form committees in their unions, schools, work
places, churches and communities. It is our hope that “Anti-war 4 MWM"
committees will complement the labor union and community-based organizing
that is going on across the country for Oct. 17.

We urge you to start now, before the Republican National Convention protests
in NYC. Please get back to us so that we can send you information and
resources that will be helpful to your organizing.


* Add your name, title and endorsement as a signer to this urgent call.
* Set up an Anti-War 4 the Million Worker March committee
* Send this email to your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
* Commit to sending a bus from your city, town or region.

AntiWar4theMillionWorkerMarch at action-mail.org
39 W. 14th Street #206
NYC, NY 10011
phone (212) 633.633.6646

The call for a Million Worker March came from one of the most well-known
labor organizations in the country, famous for its long history of
militancy, boldness and courage in defense of working people—Local 10 of the
International Longshore Workers Union in San Francisco. Over the past 
few months this call has rolled across the country, picking up the support
of scores of labor unions, labor activists and leaders including:

The Coalition Of Black Trade Unionists; Bill Lucy, Secretary-Treasurer,
AFSCME; the National Education Association; Transportation Workers Union
Local 100 (NY); AFSCME District Council 1707 (NY); South Carolina AFL-CIO; 
Farm Labor Organizing Committee; AFSCME District Council 92 (MD); D.C. Labor
Against The War; International ANSWER; actor Danny Glover; American Indian
Movement; ILWU Local 34; Troy and Albany Labor Council (NY); National 
Immigration Solidarity Network; New York City Labor Against the War; Global
Women´s Strike; Teamsters Black Caucus; comedian Dick Gregory; Myra Shone
and Ralph Schoenman, Taking Aim, Pacifica; National Association of 
Letter Carriers, Branch 3825; Howard Wallace, co-founder, Pride at Work; Jim
Houghton, Director, Harlem Fight Back; Justice 4 Homeless, SF; United Steel
Workers of America Local 8751; International Action Center; former U.S. 
Attorney General Ramsey Clark; Nellie Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council; Howard
Zinn, historian; Noam Chomsky, linguist;AFSCME Local 95, Local 205, Local
215, Local 389, Loca167, Local 1881, Local 1930; ILWU Entire West Coast 
division; CUE Local 3; and many more.

Working people are coming to Washington, D.C. on Oct. 17 because whether
their concern is about jobs, or decent wages, or layoffs, or union busting,
or the battle to protect our pensions and Social Security and to make 
health care a universal right instead of a privilege for the wealthy--with
all we face, we had better raise our own voices and act in our own interests
instead of relying on the next president, whoever that will be.

And most important, the time for us to speak in our own voice is not after
people vote in November, but before. The Million Worker March on Oct. 17 is
about the people telling the president, the candidates, the politicians and 
the corporate elite who are the real power behind the election campaigns and
the politicians to “Shut up!" and listen to us for a change.

Let´s make sure that after many of us march in NYC against the Republican
convention, Nov. 2 isn´t the only important date this fall. We urge all of
you to work to make the Oct. 17 Million Worker March in D.C. the next major
event for the entire anti-war movement. If we rise to this challenge, we
will put the next president and Congress on notice that we will accept no
excuses for prolonging the occupation of Iraq and wasting lives and precious

resources that should go toward satisfying people´s needs like housing and
schools. Moreover, we will have helped to forge a critical alliance between
the grass roots of the labor movement and the anti-war movement that would 
represent a whole new level of unity, potential and power.

Does this sound like something worth working for? Does this sound like
something you´ve been waiting for? You can help make it happen.

In solidarity,

Clarence Thomas, Co-Chair, Million Workers March 
Organizing Committee, ILWU Local 10

Brenda Stokely, President, District Council 1707 AFSCME, 
Co-chair, NYC Labor Against the War

Chris Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 808 IBT, 
President National Teamsters Black Caucus

Ralph Shoenman, Communications Coordinator, Million Worker 

Larry Holmes, International Action Center, Steering Committee ANSWER

Sharon Black, Washington/Baltimore Coordinator, Million Worker March

Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General

Get on the bus:

* To bring the troops home now!* For money & for jobs not war!* For a living
wage!* Against layoffs, union busting, & for workers´ rights!* For the
rights of immigrant workers!* Because young people need jobs not jails!* To 
end the occupation of iraq!* To defend civil rights! * Because working
people need to speak in their own voice!

Get On The Bus Oct. 17 For The Million Worker March

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