[Marxism] 27,500 Signatures for Nader/Camejo !!!

Howie Hawkins hhawkins at votenader.org
Thu Aug 19 20:22:29 MDT 2004

We submitted over 27,500 signatures to put Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo on
the Peace and Justice line New York. We submitted 15 of the 17 volume
petition in person on Tuesday to the state Board of Elections. 27,500 is
more than were submitted on Nader's behalf in 1996, the last time he was on
the ballot in New York by independent nominating petition.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort. Downstate/New York City
(Lower Hudson Valley/New York City/Long Island) collected over 20,000
signatures and Upstate New York collected over 7500 signatures (with the
bulk coming from Syracuse [3500], Albany [1000], and Rochester [800]).

Cleaning, copying, and binding the petitions took a crew of a dozen staying
up all night for three days. In Syracuse, special thanks should go to Betty
Wood for coordinating the cleaning there, Jessica Maxwell for staying up
all night with Betty to finish cleaning the Syracuse petitions Sunday
night, and to Robin Miller, Pablo Paiewonsky, Leigh Safford, Sally Cass,
and others for their help over the weekend. (These folks also cleaned my
petition to run for Congress from the 25th District, also on a Peace and
Justice line. I needed a minimum 3500 and submitted 4333 signatures.)

To finish the job in Albany, Mark Dunlea, Kevin Chistofferson, Michael
Butler, Peter LaVenia, Sally Cass again, Gerald Kann, Bill Delp, and Chieu
Nguyen anchored the effort, again staying up all night Monday. Several
other people came in to work shifts over the last couple of days. Christine
Shahin, Khurry Patterson, and Bill Delp drove their last batches of
petitions from Utica, Rochester, and New York City respectively on Tuesday.
Several other batches arrived by Greyhound Package Express on Monday and
Tuesday morning. Petitioners continued to collect signatures in New York
City and Albany on Tuesday and submitted the last 2 of 17 volumes of
petitions by mail from those cities. Chieu Nguyen deserves special thanks
for doing a fantastic job coordinating the final process of preparing the
petitions in Albany.

Many other people should be mentioned that I am forgetting. I'm still
functioning like roadkill after the last week of so little sleep, so my
apologies to anyone I have left out.

If we have a 55% validity rate for our Nader/Camejo signatures, we will be
on the ballot. Nonetheless, we expect a challenge from the Democrats.

They have three business days to submit "general objections" (which means
by Friday, although we won't know for sure until next week because they
only have to have their objections postmarked by Friday). If they file
"general objections," they then have six business days to file their
"specific objections" to our signatures, which takes us to August 30. The
Board of Elections will then rule on the "specific objections," which might
take a week, which probably means after the Labor Day weekend. Then the
losing side has three days to file an order to show cause to take the
process into the courts, which could then take a month or more if appeals
are made all the way to the highest court, the Court of Appeals.

We will keep you informed as this process unfolds.

We also want you to keep us informed if anyone approaches you about
petitions you witnessed or signed. The national campaign is getting reports
that Democrats are calling or showing up at doors asking people if they
really want to remain witnesses or signatories and implying that if there
are any mistakes on petitions they witnessed, they could be prosecuted. We
are documenting these intimidation tactics for a lawsuit. Don't be
intimidated and report any attempt to do so immediately to me and Kevin
Christofferson <kchris at votenader.org>.

We are begining to plan the next steps in the campaign in New York, both to
defend our petition if need be and to begin bringing the issues of the
campaign to New York voters.

Look for more updates in the coming days.

-- Howie Hawkins
* Paid for by Nader for President 2004 *

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