[Marxism] Chavez figures gro in recount (Granma)

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Havana. August 19, 2004

Figures for Chávez supporters
grow in recount

BY PASTOR BATISTA—Granma daily special correspondent—

CARACAS, August 18.— Another and no less convincing
demonstration of popular support for the Bolivarian project
has just been offered here by the National Electoral
Council (CNE), with figures that while not as yet definite
indicate that 59.06% of the votes recounted to date
correspond to the NO option and 40.94% to the YES.

According to Jorge Rodríguez, head of the National
Electoral Board, that means that of the votes scrutinized
up until now, a total of 5,553,209 Venezuelans ratified
President Hugo Chávez’ mandate as opposed to 3,349,683
representing his recall.

He also affirmed that of the one million-plus manual votes
– posted in remote areas where there were no automatic
machines – 897,025 have been counted to date, with 632,744
for the NO option. Thus of the manual votes scrutinized
70.54% ratified President Chávez, while 29.46% voted for
him to stand down. This count should be completed in a few
hours and if the present trend continues, the Venezuelan
leader will be re-legitimated by six-plus million electors
in an unobjectionable demonstration of popular support.

The CNE decision to undertake a fresh audit (even though
the reliability, seriousness and transparency of the
referendum makes that step totally unnecessary), has not
arisen to please any of the political actors involved, but
as yet another test of confidence for “the Venezuelans who
flocked to vote with passion, civic pride, in peace and
disposed to live in a democracy.”

CARACAS, August 18.—A group of enraged opponents of the
Hugo Chávez government tried to attack ex-president Jimmy
Carter in a restaurant in the capital, PL reports.

The news, circulated today by the VEA daily, stated that
Carter was dining in a restaurant in El Rosal sector, east
of Caracas, at the invitation of some friends when he was
given the “saucepan banging” treatment by elements of the
opposition defeated in last Sunday’s referendum.

Shortly afterwards, the authors of the protest tried to
physically assault the former president, who was forced to
leave the place protected by his friends and security
personnel, the newspaper added.

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