[Marxism] Petty-bourgeois--the importance of the issue

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Aug 19 23:22:52 MDT 2004

My politics rest on two absolutely essential things--articles of faith,
if you will: 
* the rise to power of the working class; and 
* the rule by the working class would transform everything because, for
the first time in history, power would actually be in the hands of the
majority class.

Marx and most radicals of his day anticipated continued
proletarianization and general destruction of the petty bourgeosie.  In
contrast, some technocratic visionaries suggested the mechanization of
labor would generally destroy the working class.  Proponents of this
kind of historic petty bourgeosification must understand that it
logically requires one of the following conclusions: 
* socialism is an political expression of a set of values rooted in the
working class experience and is therefore no longer tenable; 
* socialism might still be possible but not as a workingclass movement;
* socialism is working class but will have to be imposed by a minority
of the population.

While I respect some of the arguments made for the second scenario, all
three lack the kind of persuasive evidence it would take me to shift me
from those two absolute essentials of socialism.

Mark L.

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