[Marxism] Dershowitz, "Amend International Law To Allow Preemptive Strike on Iran"

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 20 12:31:16 MDT 2004

  Dershovitz has been defending the " legality" of Zionist atrocities 
for a  while now. He previously championed the notion of "pre 
emptive" expulsiions. Prior to that he argued in favour of the use of 
'moderate torture' by shin bet.

 He's a unapologetic racist that stop of at nothing to spread his 
hateful beliefs of Palestinians and Arabs.

Although it should understood that his ideas are very much a part 
of the larger Zionist doctrine and_not_the creation of some mad 


Date sent:      	Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:44:57 -0500
From:           	Don Hiatt <donhiatt at gmail.com>

> (I am at a loss for words regarding this article.  This has to be the
> most insane thing I've seen in a while, or perhaps I just don't get
> out much. )
> http://www.forward.com/main/article.php?ref=dershowitz20040819155
> Amend International Law To Allow Preemptive Strike on Iran
> August 20, 2004
> Intelligence reports about Iran's capacity to produce nuclear weapons
> aimed at Israel are becoming ominous. Unless diplomatic pressure
> causes the Iranian mullahs to stop the project, Iran may be ready to
> deliver nuclear bombs against Israeli civilian targets within a few
> short years. Some Iranian leaders, such as former president Hashemi
> Rafsanjani, have made it clear that this is precisely what they intend
> to do. Killing 5 million Jews would be worth losing 15 million
> Iranians in a retaliatory Israeli strike, according to Rafsanjani's
> calculations.

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