[Marxism] Liar Mark Lause and faith-based socialism - what is the evidenc...

Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Fri Aug 20 15:34:55 MDT 2004


In the short time that I've been part of this discussion list I've found you 
to be pompous, abusive and full of shit.

Every day you post these long, involved diatribes which, really, bear no 
relation to a world which exists outside your window. Which group or party are you 
with? Are you active at all? I suspect the answer to both is in the negative. 
You are so full of your own self importance that I find it hard to imagine 
you ever being able to work with others in common cause. 

Socialism or Marxism is either an affair of the heart or an exercise in 
intellectual masturbation. 

Stop being a wanker.


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