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Fri Aug 20 15:23:58 MDT 2004

(Here's an English translation of yet another article
in the Cuban media about Michael Moore. It's one of
the most timely commentaries since Moore has come to
be the target of rightist Cuban exile militants in
Florida in recent weeks. His support for Elian and
his extensive writings on Bush's stolen election of
2000, as well as his plans to observe and film the
next election this November in Florida have earned
him the outraged wrath of these exiled reactionaries.)

August 9, 2004

Miami and Michael Moore


In Miami, they are fiercely attacking Michael Moore, the
famous movie director of Fahrenheit 9/11.

The issue came to light last Friday and Saturday in three
articles published in the newspaper The New Herald written
by right wing Cubans. Groups from that tendency have
mobilized themselves in Miami and are using radio, internet
and email to launch a barrage of insults against Moore.

Why such boisterous rhetoric? It stems from articles
written by Moore in 1997 and 2000, where he characterized
elements of the political criminal underground in Florida
who, in the supposed name of freedom for Cuba, have
committed atrocities against that country for the last 45

In those articles, the North American film director and
writer denounced the nutty bunch of people who have
controlled the U.S. foreign policy regarding the island,
"many of them Batista supporters".

He added that "One of the big bonuses to come out of our
funding of these Cuban exiles was the help they gave us in
bringing illegal drugs into the States, destroying families
and whole sections of our cities." Moore adds: "these Cuban
exiles, for all their chest-thumping and terrorism, are
really just a bunch of wimps," always present and involved
in events like "Kennedy assassination, Watergate,
IranContra, and our drug abuse epidemic".

Two examples suffice to show the fragility of their
attempts to rebut Moore. Let's see:

One of the commentators of the El Nuevo Herald, Arming
González, tries to respond to the above quotes and asks in
an offended tone what Moore would say on the subject of
"the honorable veterans of Brigade 2506". As everyone
knows, in April 1961, Brigade 2506 carried out the invasion
of Girón where it was defeated in less than 72 hours after
being totally supported by the U.S. Government, as
President Kennedy later admitted.

Another journalist who attempts to respond is Alexander
Armengol, who says that Moore "has lied" when judging the
actions of the extreme right-wing factions.

Thus they continue losing credibility in public opinion
regarding Moore. Armengol himself once explained that the
"exiles" certainly do not represent the community of Cuban
origin as a whole.

That is what he wrote in an article published in the El
Nuevo Herald on October 14, 1998 under the title
"Independent Journalists: Recipe for publishing in Miami".
According to what Armengol said in that article, when they
receive writings from Havana "it does not matter that the
articles are of quality or that what they describe is true
or false", because they will always find "their defenders
in Miami".

He characterized this activity as "writing pages of
propaganda with the illusion of pleasing the eyes and ears
of Miami, and that neither reflect the reality of Cuba nor
comply with the basic rules of journalism". He added that
the information fabricated in the Island by these so-called
reporters "tries to flatter us, to validate our positions",
and at the same time offers "distorted visions of the past,
as well as the future of Cuba".

In the middle of such a mess, very well described by
Alexander Armengol, can someone rebut the comments made by
Michael Moore with respect to the behavior of those bands?

Nobody. And much less when one remembers the enormous
electoral fraud committed in Florida in 2000 with the
active and enthusiastic participation of those who the film
director describes, or the ample involvement of and their
ties to drug trafficking scandals.

For that reason, now that they are being exposed by the
author of Fahrenheit 9/11, they prefer to use their
favorite methods, a noisy campaign to try to diminish his
prestige and above all, blackmail and threats.

"And we must be very clear with both members of the
Democratic presidential ticket that only when Michael Moore
is expelled" from the campaign will the wound opened in the
heart of the Cuban exile begin to heal, says one of the
articles in El Nuevo Herald.

Such is the language of that gangsterish world. How well
they show once again that they are people who are alienated
from the thought and actions of the clear majority of the
community of Cuban origin living in the United States.


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