[Marxism] Joaquin sets new high water mark re "what kind of party":

Joaquín jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 20 17:02:03 MDT 2004

Dan Elliot says:  

"I would appreciate it very much if Joaquin, Scot, Marv, both Lou's and
anybody else would share their reactions to the following:

" 'Democratic Decentralism: The membership decides the policy in our
organization.  The majority has the right to determine organizational
policies. Minorities on any question have the right to abstain from
implementing policies with which they disagree and to express their
dissent publicly.  Only members in leadership roles as officers, staff,
candidates or delegates to larger associations are obligated to
implement and articulate organizational policies so that majority
decisions have organizational effect.' 

"( -- From the Vallejo CA Community-Labor Alliance Ten Pts of Unity,
proposed for adoption by the Sac Area C-L Outreach (SACLO).)"

That is actually fairly similar to the Solidarity constitution, which
says, in part:

*  *  *

The rights of the majority shall be protected: 

Once the organization has discussed an issue and taken a position, then
that position must be presented as the position of the organization. If
a member disagrees with a decision of the organization, she/he may
abstain from activity on that question....

The rights of minorities shall be protected:

* There shall be no restriction on the formation of caucuses...

* There shall be no restriction on the rights of individuals or caucuses
to publish their own points of view for distribution solely within the
organization, except that the editorial restrictions applying to the
discussion bulletin apply to all other publications. [the "editorial
restrictions" are around security, for example, being careful in how
mass movement groups are referred to so as not to have something that
can be taken out of context and used for red-baiting] 

* Members may also publish minority political points of view in external
Solidarity publications except in particular cases where such
publication would in a substantial, immediate and concrete way undermine
the effectiveness of the organization's action program. This decision
shall be made by the appropriate group, fraction or leading body and may
be appealed to the National Committee.

* Minorities are free to express their differences with a Solidarity
position outside the organization. This includes the right to publish
opposition bulletins or journals. Specifically, members or caucuses may
publish their own point of view in non-Solidarity publications subject
to the exceptions listed in the preceding paragraph...

No individual or branch may be suspended or expelled from membership in
Solidarity for political positions.

*  *  *


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