[Marxism] Review of Stan Goff's "Full Spectrum Disorder"

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Fri Aug 20 19:07:17 MDT 2004

Scot writes

> I haven't read the book, but having read similar books by former members
> the establishment who've changed sides, or who claim to have changed
sides, I
> suspect that it contains more than a fair amount of self justification for
> former acts of wanton cruelty and barbarity.
Yes, I think it's much better to merely pass judgment based on prior
experience rather than subject oneself to the discomfort of having to think
critically - and perhaps even change your mind - about something one is
already an expert on.

And what side was it exactly that Stan was on?  The side of the wealthy
capitalist using the working classes to fight their battles?  Or the side of
the enlightened leftist watching from the sidelines, sipping a cappuchino?
Or was Stan always on "our" side, the side that is used by the system,
ground down and made to perform barbarous and cruel acts so as to allow the
rest of us the luxury of exchanging commentaries from the safety of our
computer screens.


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