[Marxism] Liar Mark Lause and faith-based socialism - what is theevidence ?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Aug 21 02:12:38 MDT 2004

Well, now I am called a liar by name in Jurriaan's subject line....  How

I will still not reciprocate.  What he said and what I said is in the
archives.  I am sorry if I've misinterpreted him, but any such
misrepresentation was not intentional...and most of what he says rather
persuades me that I didn't miss his points by very much.  

I gave him credit for being forthcoming in his innovations and said that
his evidence was not yet persuasive enough for me to set aside what I
think were Marx's fundamental ideas about class and internationalism.
Jurriaan, however, nailed me as a doctrinaire Marxist, a soft-headed
sentimentalist about the working class, and an arrogant bourgeois--all
at the same time!  

Since Jurriaan gets pissed off when people question him, it only follows
that people only question him is to piss him off.  After all, what's
this list about if not him.


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