[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Aug 21 06:28:32 MDT 2004

After "Scotlive" flamed Jurriaan (who had already unsubbed), I sent him a 
note warning him that I would unsub him if he ever flamed another list 
member again. He told me that I could unsub him there and then and I obliged.

Unfortunately, things got rather heated around the "petty bourgeois" thread 
while I had no access to the Internet so I wasn't able to step in.

Mark made a good suggestion. When Jurriaan began putting his name into the 
subject header, it not only polarized the discussion needlessly; it also 
exposed Mark's name to the kind of scrutiny that may or may not involve 
employment or other security issues. In the future, I would ask comrades 
not to use somebody else's name in the header--unless its me, I thrive on 

Finally, another suggestion. If you are concerned about your name showing 
up in Google with a Marxmail post about the need to strangle the ruling 
class with its own entrails, etc. and destroying your chance for a job with 
some accounting firm, etc., you should not use your real name. I would only 
ask that you use something that sounds like a name and not "Scotlive", 
etc., which I always found offputting. It reminds me too much of Usenet, 
where tags like Troll Killer or Blackdragon predominate.

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