[Marxism] WWP Split -- Q. for Lou Paulsen --

Joaquín jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 21 11:26:39 MDT 2004

Lou Paulsen writes: 
"If the PSL were advancing points that needed answering it would be a
different matter, but they are just saying that WWP 'doesn't have it any
more.'  Well, that can only be settled in practice."

Lou, this is disingenuous. Workers World needs to level with people,
however distracting that may be from things like building the MWM.

You seek and win adherents not just on the basis that you are for this
or that protest, but that you are the TRP (one and only Truly
Revolutionary Party), and that such a party is essential or is the best
way to organize and lead the fight for socialism. This --not helping
ANSWER or IAC or defending Milosevic or Mumia, important as those things
may be-- are the very heart and soul of your existence as an

In your post, you point out that a disciplined centralist group such as
yours takes responsibility for its members, their actions and what they
say. All of a sudden, a significant layer of those who your organization
has been vouching for, including some of the most prominent leaders and
activists of the organization over many years, walk out of Workers
World, damning you with faint praise by saying you're an ok progressive
group but are incapable of building a revolutionary party, which is your
real reason for even existing. Some of the very people your group told
us to listen to and trust and follow challenge the very reason for the
existence of Workers World. And you're okay with that?

"No comment" isn't a responsible way to handle this. You need to tell us
now why we shouldn't credit what these comrades say about Workers World
after telling us for so many years that we should listen to them. 

A group that projects itself as building the vanguard party of a future
revolution has responsibilities not just to its members, but
fundamentally to the class it claims to represent. How it handles such
situations is one of the elements conscious working class fighters will
take into account in deciding whether the WWP merits the trust and
political confidence it asks for. So far the response has not been

And I would say pretty much the same sort of thing to the PSL comrades,
for years they have been among the most prominent people telling us join
workers world, build workers world, trust workers world, all of a sudden
they come out and say, actually never mind all that, WWP is absolutely
hopeless, our new group is the real deal, as if it were simply a matter
of taste, "for many years I drank Coke until I realized I liked Pepsi

This isn't a responsible way to handle such matters before the broader
public of working class activists. And --I guess THIS is the point--
when you put yourself forward as Workers World does (or any socialist
group does, but especially those who claim to be building "the" party)
you have assumed this responsibility and it doesn't speak well for you
that you shirk it. This doesn't just concern your members or the PSL
members, but since your express position is to build a party that speaks
and acts for our class, it concerns all of us.


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