[Marxism] re: "dork socialism"

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Aug 21 14:07:34 MDT 2004

Paul, I agree that in some abstract way, it may be possible to be both
"a doctrinaire Marxist, a soft-headed sentimentalist about the working
class, and an arrogant bourgeois--all at the same time!"

Or if can just be a way of trying to have it all ways since last

As any veteran of factional in-fighting knows, though, making the
assertions is usually a way of not addressing the question on the floor.

The default positions of Marxism have been that
* socialism is the political expression of working class interests, 
* socialism will involve the rule by the majority class, because of the
historic proletarianization rather than petty bourgeoisification of the

Those who wanted to argue otherwise, with a single exception, made very
good points and did so in a generally comradely fashion, albeit not
ultimately persuasively in my case.  In the end, the name-calling and
the personalization of the debate shouldn't weigh either way in the
evaluation of an argument.


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