[Marxism] Reply to Carrol re Hollings "...over-emphasis of the power of the Zionist Lobby..."

Dan Elliott cuibono at rcip.com
Sat Aug 21 14:11:09 MDT 2004

"Carrol" wrote:

"I was bothered by ... ...the emphasis on
re-election as Bush's motive. That emphasis (a) separates the Iraq War
from its ultimate context in u.s. imperialism and (b) tends towards an
over-emphasis on the power of the Zionist lobby in the U.S. and thereby
diverts from exploring the willingness (even anxiousness) of the u.s.
ruling class over the decades to support Israel."

At last, someone who knows precisely the extent & limits of "Zionist lobby"
power in the USA!

Speaking as one who is eager to join in "exploring the willingness of the
U.S. ruling class ...to support Israel", I would be most interested in
reading the factual foundation for your rebuttal of Holling's claims.

I would also appreciate it if someone who has Hollings' original statement
handy would post it here, so we can assess it on its merits, sans any
misplaced emphases inserted by this Weber, whoever she/he is.

Had I known the name of someone with a reputation as a "Holocaust Denier"
was attached to the piece, I would not have forwarded it. Instead I would
have looked for the story unmediated by a questionable secondary source.

( I don't mean by that to denigrate IAP News. I myself am not a Muslim, or a
devotee of organized religion in general, but I have found IAP News to be
one of the most consistently professional & useful resources on the Middle
East. The IAP webpage is itself worth a quick peek, IMHO, for the production
& visual values alone.)

Finally, it would be interesting to me to read "Carrol's" assessment of work
in this subject area by Jeffrey Blankfort, Lenni Brenner, and Lee O'Brien;
or of any other recent work on the  "clout" wielded by the "Zionist Lobby",
i.e., AIPAC, PNAC, JINSA et al, and/or the material basis of same, if any?



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