Class, was Re: [Marxism] Democratic Centralism ....

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Aug 21 15:40:57 MDT 2004

David McDonald wrote:
> In my experience, what bothers most workers who have a view on democratic
> centralism as practiced by socialist sects (which of course is very very
> few) is not that it requires people to act in accordance with votes they may
> disagree with. As pointed out, workers are familiar from their own practice
> of strikes that it's necessary for the union to act as one once the vote is
> taken.

This shows how spontaneous or unconscious assumptions about what
constitutes "the working class" continuously confuse discussion. It is
simply not true that "most workers" have any experience with strikes or
unions. The vast majority of u.s. workers are non-union (and huge
numbers of the _unionized_ work force would be labelled not
working-class by some on this list).

And even at the height of union membership in the u.s. it was only a
substantial minority, not even close to half, of workers who belonged to


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