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Subject: CFP: The Sixth Annual Graduate Symposium on Women's 
and Gender History: "Intersecting Gender in the Academy and 

Call for Papers:

"Intersecting Gender in the Academy and Beyond"
The Sixth Annual Graduate Symposium on Women's and Gender 
History University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
March 10-12, 2005


Twenty years after Joan Scott's "Gender as a Useful Category 
of Historical Analysis," the Sixth Annual Graduate Symposium 
on Women's and Gender History at the University of Illinois 
at Urbana-Champaign announces a call for papers in order to 
re-evaluate gender as a category of analysis. How has your 
work embraced or challenged gender? How does it intersect 
with other categories of identity such as race, class, and 
sexuality? How has activism around gendered issues shaped 
your work? How (and should) we as scholars integrate both 
activism and gendered identities into our lives?

We invite submissions from graduate students from any 
institution on any subject within its historical context 
that might grow out of a variety of disciplines and engage 
diverse methodologies and topics. We also welcome panel 
submissions of three papers united by a common theme, 
although each of the three papers will be judged on its own 
merits. Finally, we encourage panels analyzing the state of 
the field in women's and gender history, engaging with a 
work or body of work that has been influential in the field, 
and/or dealing with the intersections of gender, race, 
class, and sexuality.

The Symposium welcomes as its Plenary Speakers for 2005: 
Eileen J. Suarez Findlay, author of Imposing Decency: The 
Politics of Sexuality and Race in Puerto Rico, 1880-1920 
(Duke University Press, 1999) and Brenda Child, author of 
Boarding School Seasons: American Indian Families, 1900-1940 
(University of Nebraska Press, 2000.) Both Findlay and Child 
will participate in a roundtable on activism and 
multiculturalism in the academy on Saturday, March 12th.
Inspiration for papers or panels might come from (but are 
not limited to) the following themes:

* (Re)Defining Gender
* Race, Gender, Class, and Activism
* The Historiography of Race and Gender
* Activism in the Academy
* Women Encountering Women across Boundaries of Time, Place, 
and Identity

Submission Guidelines: All submissions must be received by 
November 15, 2004.
To submit a paper or panel in a hard copy format, please 
send five (5) copies of a 250-word abstract AND a one-page 
curriculum vitae for each paper presenter, commentator, or 
panel chair to:
Programming Committee
Graduate Symposium on Women's and Gender History
309 Gregory Hall, MC 466
810 South Wright Street
Urbana, Illinois 61801

To submit a paper or panel by email, please send ONLY ONE 
attachment in Word format containing all abstracts and 
curriculum vitae. The subject line of the email must read 
Attn: Programming Committee and should be sent to 
gendersymp at uiuc.edu <mailto:gendersymp at uiuc.edu> . We cannot 
be responsible for submissions that do not meet these 
We invite graduate students to serve as commentators and 
professors to serve as chairs for panels. Panel submissions 
are highly encouraged to find chairs and commentators best 
suited to comment on the work presented and should include a 
one-paragraph description of the panel as well as curriculum 
vitae for all participants including the commentator and/or 
chair. The Symposium also welcomes individuals to 
participate as commentators or chairs exclusive of the panel 
submissions. These individuals should submit curriculum 
vitae to gendersymp at uiuc.edu <mailto:gendersymp at uiuc.edu> 
with the subject line: Attn: Programming Committee.

All accepted papers are eligible for the Gender & History 
Graduate Student Essay Prize, sponsored by the journal 
Gender & History, to be awarded at the conference. 
Conference presenters may also publish their work in the on-
line Proceedings volume. Preference will be given to those 
who did not present a paper last year.
For more information:

Please contact Programming Committee Chair April Lindsey at 
gendersymp at uiuc.edu <mailto:gendersymp at uiuc.edu>
>Or visit our website at: http://www.history.uiuc.edu/hist%

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