[Marxism] Herbert Hill

David Altman altman_d at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 21 19:57:52 MDT 2004

Back in 1978 we here in Milwaukee had a teach-in on the Bakke Decision with 
Herbert Hill as the featured speaker. During a brief conversation with him 
afterwards he confirmed to me that he indeed had  briefly been a member of 
the Socialist Workers Party during the late 1940s (I don't know if he still 
was in the SWP when he started working with the NAACP; I rather doubt it).

Hill seemed to view his brief sojourn in the SWP as a youthfull folly, but 
he didn't have any regrets about it, and he worked closely with the Party on 
anti-racist work during the Seventies.

Herbert Hill was one of the great unsung hereoes of the Civil Rights 
movement. He was a hell of a speaker and a person of great integrity. The 
Times obituary correctly points out that he put his principles ahead of 
personal friendship, and parted ways with "Labor Leaders" who were 
insufficiently supportive of racial equality in the union movement. Such was 
his devotion to the African-American cause that frankly, I was surprised to 
find out that he was "white."

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