[Marxism] Re Solidarity/Against the Current

Erik Toren ectoren at hiline.net
Sun Aug 22 10:53:32 MDT 2004


Just a minor addition from a Soli member....some of us are also involved in 
the Chicano and farmworker movement and are actively involved in the 
Socialist Party and it's effort to a unified Left.

por el socialismo,
Erik Toren

At 06:51 AM 8/22/04, Joaquín wrote:
>As to who the actual people are in Soli, it is a tremendously varied
>group, including, yes, a layer of academics, some of them fairly
>prominent; a layer of very dedicated trade union militants who, no
>matter what criticisms one might make of it, have carried out the most
>effective union work over a period of decades of any left group in the
>U.S.; lots of people active in the Green Party, ten antiwar movement,
>community organizing, Palestine solidarity and all sorts of other

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