[Marxism] What is Marxism?

Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Sun Aug 22 13:03:10 MDT 2004


Personally, I'd offer the following in partial answer to your question:

Marxists believe, at least, that:

1. capitalism is not the end-all of history, it is not the best of all 
possible systems.  It has brought untold misery to millions upon 
millions of human beings and is destroying the planet's very ability to 
sustain life.

2. A better world IS possible, a world with equitable distribution of 
the world's resources that meets humanity's needs without destroying the 
planet in the process; a world in which people are enfranchised and 
freed from want, freed to fully develop as human beings and explore 
their potential; a world in which for humanity --freed from the 
hardscrabble fight for survival and allowed, finally, to fully explore 
the creative impulse that makes us human-- in Engel's words, "work will 
be the prime want."

3.  That world can only be built with the conscious participation of the 
  people of the world.

4.  But, it can only be built once the people wrench political power out 
of the hands of the capitalist minority that now rules, and transfer 
that power to the people as a whole.

Much of that, of course, is so broad that many people of widely diverse 
political stripes can believe it, but I find that it is a starting point 
that has set many of us on the road which eventually brings us to 
Marxism as the most fruitful method of analysis.

You might be interested in the reading suggestions offered at:

"Foundations of Marxism"

"Historical Materialism"


- Juan

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