[Marxism] Democratic Centralism - the most misunderstood conceptonthe Left today

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Aug 22 13:24:10 MDT 2004

Mark Lause wrote:
> Solidarity's got it absolutely right for the present.

That is the conclusion I've come (and Jan & I will be joining later in
September), with the emphasis on _for the present_. I don't think we can
foresee now precisely what form left organization will take when mass
resistance to capital grows again, and the somewhat amorphous shape of
Solidarity prepares it (or its members) to respond to new developments
as a centralized party orgnization with a (more or less) fixed program
and principles will not.

Incidentally, the last of the "new communist groups" to dissolve, the
LRS, had in practice a fairly loose linkage between center and chapters.
Perhaps that had something to do with its relative longevity. (It was
also not tied to China's foreign policy as I believe the CPML had been.)


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