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Nestor Gorojovsky 
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> apology to David and many others Re: [Marxism] Tariq Ali and Chavez
>Well, I believe I owe David, and many others, an apology.
>I thought it was quite obvious, from all my general line on this list
>and from my whole political life (which of course no-one is obliged
>to know) that my comment was a ridiculization of what would some
>sectarian "Marxists" answer.
>The political group I belong to was the _only_ one in Buenos Aires
>who, in 1992, saluted Chávez's military attempt on its press.  We
>were also the only group that opened up its premises for him to
>deliver a speech in 1995, when Chávez was still an "ex-golpista"
>(that is, a former coup maker or however you translate the idea into
>I am currently working at the editors' staff of the Argentinean
>version of Question Latinoamérica, a pro-Chávez political magazine
>where left-wing Peronists, non-sectarian Leftists and National Left
>people contribute in the defence of Latin American unification, among
>other equally worthy causes.
>It was obvious for me that with such a record, I could not have been
>mistaken for the idiotic sectarian I tried to ridiculize on my notes.

Yes, your revisionist position is obvious. Not once in the above do you 
mention factory workers. You probably think buhoneros are important to 
think about, too!
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