[Marxism] Nader and the Democratic Party

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 23 07:45:58 MDT 2004

(The previous subject line had gotten too long and
convoluted, so I changed it.)

Louis made good points about the Democrats, the Greens
and what should be done after this election. Time will
tell, of course, what the result will be once the US
election is finally concluded. As is known, there are
still some people who are arguing about what happened
in the 2000 election, and not all of them write for

Maybe there's not much coverage, but it's my sense that
Nader and Camejo haven't campaigned actively in Florida,
where they might be able to get some attention since 
they would strongly favor open trade and travel to and
from Cuba. They could also reach out to Blacks and other
severely disenfranchised groups were they to make a point
of the numerous obstacles to the vote in Florida as 
Ricardo Alarcon has pointed out to clearly recently:

Furthermore, in case you were curious, the Cuban National
Assembly President has spoken out about Nader's campaign
and praised it for its progressive program in this
interview which appears at the Cuban Foreign Ministry's
website based on a Miami radio interview:

As a corollary of that outlook, Alarcón announced that he
will appear in a Cuban TV panel this weekend, after a
nationwide showing of Michael Moore's documentary
Fahrenheit 9/11.

In that film, he said, you can see from the theft of the
2000 elections by the Republican candidate (with the aid of
the Cuban-American extremists and Florida's Republican
government) to the position of the Democrats, who allowed
the fraud to continue.

“Kerry has said he will continue the war in Iraq if he wins
the White House; and he supported Bush when the latter,
with fallacious arguments, invaded that country,” he said.

With regard to Cuba, Alarcón said, the Democratic
challenger has made it clear that he will continue to try
to destroy the nation's political, social and economic
systems. “More of the same,” Alarcón said, although he
admitted that it was difficult for a person with Bush's
absurd anti-Cuban policies “to have emerged,”

Nevertheless, Alarcón reiterated that Bush “stole the
election in 2000, waged war on Iraq with fallacious
arguments, took the U.S. economy – which held $500 billion
– and would return it (if he lost the election) with a $500
billion deficit, and he is the first U.S. president who
must admit that he did not create jobs in his country but
instead reduced them.

“The results of the November elections will depend on
whether millions of Americans, still deceived by Bush, 
will open their eyes,” he predicted.

Nevertheless, he stressed, Kerry does not offer a
government program that is really an alternative to Bush.

“The person who has an alternative program is Ralph Nader
[the independent candidate], but we already know – in view
of the traditional structures of U.S. elections – that he
will not win,” Alarcón said. FULL TRANSCRIPT
< http://www.cubaminrex.cu/English/Speeches/Alarcon/2004/alarcon_220704.htm>
I have a strong feeling that the momentum around the
Nader-Camejo campaign can provide a lift for future
initiatives. If all the people who have stood up to the DP
blitzkrieg and become active around this ticket can convene
in 2006 or so, it will be very useful. Starting on the
basis that principled opposition to the 2-party system is a
point of departure for the left, we can begin to gather
broader forces around us. Our motto should be the Tom Petty
song, "I won't back down".

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