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Last Release: Monday, August 23, 2004

The Green Party and Independent Politics

| Adam Levenstein |

The 1990s have seen many attempts by progressives to break the
stranglehold the Democrats and Republicans have over electoral politics.
The New Party, the Labor Party, the Green Party, and a myriad of local
parties all have been pushes to drive an independent wedge in the
duopoly of the super-rich. The most successful of these, of course, has
been the Green Party.

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Six Grim Consequences of the Anybody But Bush Plague

|M. Junaid Alam |

The Anybody But Bush plague has infected the American left with ruthless
speed and efficiency. Descrying how, why, and under what circumstances
this or that particular leftist figure has fallen victim to it is a
rather cumbersome and tedious task best left to the coroners of history.
It seems far more prudent now to identify, in concrete terms, the most
salient consequences the ABB epidemic will produce on our attempts to
reshape society along more just and rational lines. Below, I outline six
of them.

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Ralph Nader as David Duke? The ADL Wants you to Think so

| Josh Frank |

On Thursday August 20th, the Washington Post reported that the
Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has branded Ralph Nader a "bigot", which is
a furtive way of saying they think the independent candidate for
president is a vile anti-Semite. Nader has come under attack from the
ADL and their executive director Abe Foxman for suggesting that the US
should proceed in a new direction regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

"The days when the chief Israeli puppeteer comes to the United States
and meets with the puppet in the White House and then proceeds to
Capitol Hill, where he meets with hundreds of other puppets, should be
replaced. The Washington Puppet Show should be replaced." Nader said in
Washington DC forum titled "The Muslim Vote -- Election 2004".

- (Read full) <http://lefthook.org/Politics/Frank082304.html>

The Coming Northwest Passage: Oil, Diamonds and Self-Determination

| Macdonald Stainsby |

Since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, indigenous sovereignty has
gained a wider understanding among progressives and activists across
Turtle Island (North America), and in particular in Canada. Many writers
and activists have offered insight and support into ongoing struggles
over sovereignty for the Shuswap Nation's Secwepemc people at what is
commonly referred to as “Sun Peaks” near Kamloops, British Columbia.
Also, near Montreal Quebec, the Mohawk Nation's Kanehsatake community
continues to be under siege from the Federal government, police and
federally appointed “chiefs”. Both of these struggles have ongoing
support campaigns among non-First Nations populations: In late August,
Vancouver BC will see bus loads of supporters head to the areas being
defended against the creation of more resorts, ski hills and other
illegal and unauthorized, anti-environmental developments.

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