[Marxism] Ricardo Sanchez- The Torture General Who Made 'Hispanic of the Year'

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Mon Aug 23 22:41:04 MDT 2004

The Pentagon coverup of Ricardo Sanchez is to be released this week. General 
Sanchez is the Republican effort to clone Colin Powell in a Tex-Mex body.  
Unfortunately for Bush, this entire effort went terribly awry when the 
photos began to leak out of US GIs at play in the Abu Ghraib prison.

Down here in South Texas, all the business 'leaders', Hispanic professional 
class (lawyers and what nots), and the motley crew of Tex-Mex cops, Tex-Mex 
prison guards, and Tex-Mex INS Migra buddies have seen the rug pulled out 
from underneath their media-pushed war hero.  After all there are not too 
many great Hispanics for this group that have been able to rise and come out 
before, from Rio Grande City, Texa, or towns similar to it scattered across 
Texas and beyond.  Sanchez had caught on in a way that Clinton INS jefe, 
Silvestre Reyes, never did. He has been portrayed as the local chavo who 
made good big time.

There is currently a big effort at 'support' for Ricardo in the press.  It 
would be a big set back in the Republicans' effort to chip off pocho voters 
from the Democratic Party, if they were to have to sacrifice their 'Ricardo" 
to scandal.  So it's blame it on the 'trailer trash' grunts of Appalachia, 
and keep the cheerleading going for the homie super star of Rio Grande City, 
and also for all the other border town alcaldes along the river.

Plus, The Empire needs united Cuban, Tex-Mex, and Puerto Rican internal 
backing for its imperialist efforts farther south. And the US military needs 
them for cannon fodder in Today's Army.

General Granted Latitude At Prison
Abu Ghraib Used Aggressive Tactics
By R. Jeffrey Smith and Josh White
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, June 12, 2004

Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the senior U.S. military officer in Iraq, 
borrowed heavily from a list of high-pressure interrogation tactics used at 
the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and approved letting 
senior officials at a Baghdad jail use military dogs, temperature extremes, 
reversed sleep patterns, sensory deprivation, and diets of bread and water 
on detainees whenever they wished, according to newly obtained documents.

The U.S. policy, details of which have not been previously disclosed, was 
approved in early September, shortly after an Army general sent from 
Washington completed his inspection of the Abu Ghraib jail and then returned 
to brief Pentagon officials on his ideas for using military police there to 
help implement the new high-pressure methods.

The documents obtained by The Washington Post spell out in greater detail 
than previously known the interrogation tactics Sanchez authorized, and make 
clear for the first time that, before last October, they could be imposed 
without first seeking the approval of anyone outside the prison. That gave 
officers at Abu Ghraib wide latitude in handling detainees.

full article... 
Este informe no está disponible en español.
Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez Named ‘Hispanic Of The Year’
Three-Star General Oversees U.S. Troops In Iraq


January 8, 2004
Copyright © 2004 CARIBBEAN BUSINESS. All Rights Reserved.

In its December issue, the cultural magazine Hispanic selected Lt. General 
Ricardo Sanchez, the commanding officer of United States troops in Iraq, 
Hispanic of the Year.

In some respects Sanchez is doing for Hispanics in the military what Collin 
Powell did for Blacks when he was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
Like Powell, he is proving that through perseverance and hard work they can 
ascend to positions of leadership in the armed forces. According to the 
magazine, Sanchez is the highest-ranking Hispanic in the U.S. Army and the 
ninth Hispanic general in the army’s history. As commanding officer of the 
U.S. troops and coalition forces in Iraq, he is responsible for 120,000 U.S. 
troops and some 30,000 military staff from 30 coalition countries.

His Hispanic background is possibly his greatest asset in this theater of 
operations. In addition to the growing number of Hispanic-American forces in 
the U.S. Army, there are several military units coming from Latin America, 
including El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and from 
Spain. As indicated in Hispanic, Sanchez has the opportunity to use his 
background to rally these diverse groups together, as well as any others who 
come from minority backgrounds. He enjoys monitoring the performance of 
Hispanic troops, and says to the magazine: "It was pretty exciting to see 
all those great young soldiers with all our leadership present to understand 
the tremendous power that comes from the diversity of American forces."

Fellow officer Lt. Gen. Eric Olsen, who was interviewed by Hispanic and knew 
Sanchez during the Persian Gulf War, says he is "one of the most principled, 
ethical commanders I’ve ever met."

full article.. 
Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who was the top U.S. military officer in Iraq at 
the time of the abuse, testified before Congress that he did not find out 
about the abuse until this year, when a military police officer revealed the 
problem at the prison. The new report essentially absolves Sanchez, saying 
only that he should have been more vigilant in supervising Karpinski.

full whitewash of Sanchez at.. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5800201/

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