[Marxism] Speading the US Iraq and Afghan Wars From Najaf to Yemen

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Tue Aug 24 05:09:46 MDT 2004

Yemeni army sustains more losses in clashes with rebel Muslim cleric

Yemen's army, battling a two-month rebellion led by a Muslim preacher in the 
country's north, lost dozens more soldiers in an overnight ambush by the 
cleric's supporters, a military official said.

"Dozens of soldiers of the Yemeni army were killed Monday evening on a road 
in Maran during an ambush by supporters of Sheikh Hussein (Badr Eddin) 
al-Huthi against a brigade heading for one of the villages where the army is 
searching for the rebel preacher," the official told AFP, requesting 

"Lieutenant Abdel Alim Abdel Hamid al-Hattar, who commanded the brigade, was 
killed in the ambush," the official said, adding that the lieutenant was a 
brother of judge Hammoud al-Hattar, who headed a delegation trying to 
mediate between the preacher and the authorities.

Huthi and thousands of his supporters have been holed up in the rugged 
mountains of Maran, in Saada province, since the rebellion erupted June 18 
and which has so far left more than 400 dead on both sides.

Military sources meanwhile said one of Huthi's brothers, who commanded the 
snipers among the rebels, was also killed and another, Abdel Karim, arrested 
by the army during a Monday night raid targeting pockets of resistance in 
the area.

"Abdel Malek al-Huthi was killed by the Yemeni army during fierce clashes 
Monday evening between the armed forces and rebels in an assault on the 
Shaab Salman region," near the border with Saudi Arabia, the sources said.

The Zaidi preacher's fate remains a mystery. Sources among the military said 
he may have been killed in the same raid that claimed his brother's life.

Others, however, said that "the army could locate Sheikh Hussein Bader Eddin 
al-Huthi in less than 24 hours" and put an end to the protracted rebellion.

The unrest persisted Tuesday, with fresh clashes between the military and 
Huthi's supporters, led by Abdullah al-Rizani, one of the preacher's key 
aides, witnesses told AFP.

The army launched missile attacks on the areas of Neshur Al-Shatieeya and 
Al-Hamazat where some 250 rebels under Rizani's command have regrouped, the 
witnesses said.

"Ten rebels were killed during an assault by armed militia belonging to 
tribes supporting the army and which targeted three positions overnight 
Monday to Tuesday," said Sheikh Fayez al-Ojari, a chief of the Sahhar tribe.

Mediation attempts, one of them led by a third brother, Yahya al-Huthi, a 
member of parliament, have failed to resolve the crisis or broker the 
preacher's surrender.

The authorities have offered a 10-million-rial (55,000-dollar) reward for 
information leading to the capture of Huthi, whom they accuse of seeking to 
foment sectarian strife.

Huthi told AFP last month that the conflict was a result of his anti-US 
stand and accused Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh of seeking "to please 
the United States at the expense of his own people."

The Zaidis are a moderate Shiite Muslim sect dominant in northwest Yemen but 
in the minority in the mainly Sunni country.

Since the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, Yemen has 
launched a major crackdown against Al-Qaeda sympathisers among the country's 
Sunni Muslim majority, but the Zaidi minority has been relatively calm.

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