[Marxism] Re: What is the function of a revolutionary party?

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Tue Aug 24 09:17:54 MDT 2004

This is why what Lou said regarding goals of a party is true: I think 
imperialist war is but ONE issue, one pillar of the existing order. The 
other is oppression, at home and abroad. Racism, chauvinism, sexism, 
homophobia, etc. Even now, in the throes of Bush's "eternal wars," at this 
moment, in our society, I believe that racism and white skin privilege 
impose the greatest burden (and feminists will, perhaps, disagree...) on 
and for any movement for social change. It is central to untying the 
gordian knot that is our capitalism. How can you separate racism from any 
major issue of our time? Imperialist war? Environmental destruction? 
Assault on democratic rights? Prison-industrial complex? Even more than 
justifying all of the above and imposing horrors on its victims, it divides 
us and turns some of us into proprietors of the existing system.

At 09:10 AM 8/24/2004, you wrote:
>The prinicpal political issue, and principle reason to build a revolutionary
>party, is to completely and permanently destroy the ability of the US ruling
>class to wage war on the international working class.  Seen in this manner,
>it is somewhat of a false debate on whether the looseness of the Solidarity
>people is better than the old style '30s-'40s style 'democratic centralism',
>or the contrary.

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