[Marxism] Re: What is the function of a revolutionary party?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Aug 24 14:29:30 MDT 2004


As you are saying that building an antiwar movement should be the
priority when the people don't perceive our being at war as well as when
they do perceive we're in one.  I think it's hard enough to do when
people perceive we are at war, but I'll stand around as a bit player as
you climb up on the rock and do the Chuck Heston number with the Red

If you go back and see what the Internationalist Tendency wrote in
1973-74, you'll see that we explicitly said we didn't want to abandon
the antiwar movement and the women's movement.  The Proletarian
Orientation people were a little less clear in 1971, but some of them
were saying the same thing at that time.  ... Still, you obviously saw
through what we said and wrote to what the Barnes leadership told you
was our secret agenda...  And you got us properly purged of any voice in
the future of the SWP in 1974...

...So, Tony, you were able to shape the party you wanted.
Congratulations!  The SWP's your baby. You deserve each other.

...what?  still not satisfied?  Oh, yeah...I see.  It's somebody else's
fault.  In fact, it's our fault again.

Okilly Dokilly!

Mark L.

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