[Marxism] Lazlo Toth lives: readings from an opposition site

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Tue Aug 24 14:26:36 MDT 2004

even if you aren't part of the fan club of lazlo toth, a nom de plume for 
Don Novello (otherwise best known as father guido sarducci), you might 
appreciate this--- which was scattered among venezuelan opposition ravings 
about an electoral fraud./m
I have it from a reliable source that 12 Cuban military jets landed at 
Orchilla runway the Wednesday before the referendum. The Cuban agents (who 
were dressed as doctors to avoid detection) were in reality specialist 
computer hackers. In Caracas the Cuban agents first programmed the machines 
to have a "Si" cap. Then Chavez brought in Jimmy Carter and Gavira who were 
both threatened with death by the Cubans, if they revealed the fraud to the 
international community.

This criminal Chavista fraud must be exposed!

I beg the USA to come to our aid before we are all rounded up by the 
dictator and put in concentration camps! Carter must speak up!

Long live democracy!
Barr. K. Engmed • 8/23/04; 3:35:14 AM 


These Cuban "doctors" must be exposed and kicked out. They are NOT doctors, 
they are Castro's private army of hired thugs. Everybody in Caracas knows 
that. Do they have any real patients? NO! They are security agents, pure 
and simple. We must stand up for democracy or we will be all be killed by 
the Chavistas. The low life barrio criminals who live in their hovels 
should GO AND GET A JOB and stop sponging off people like us who work for a 
living and pay taxes. They lack culture and education, and do not 
understand what is best for them. That's why they support Chavez. If they 
want doctors and teachers, LET THEM PAY FOR THEM, OR DO WITHOUT. Instead 
all they do is commit fraud. We know we won and the election was stolen by 
Cuban computer hackers who threatened Carter and Gavira with DEATH if they 
revealed the truth. It's a well known fact, and it cannot be denied by 
anyone except communists and Chavistas. Why is everyone in Caracas in tears 
because Chavez won? Chavez is worse than 10 Castros. He is a dictator. He 
is another Hitler. He is slaughtering us by the thousands in the streets 
when we protest. The USA must come to our aid. We must take our country 
back for civilised people who have the education and culture to run a 
country. The Chavistas should not be in charge of us. How can a dirty mono 
tell me what to do? Answer that you communists, if you dare. Do not accept 
the election results.
Barr. K. Engmed • 8/23/04; 7:36:24 AM 
Hey Barr, you are starting to convince me.

Indeed, I detected a certain nervousness in Carter's demeanor, and the 
skacking certainly wasn't some disease associated with old age.

One of the Cuban's tricks is the dreaded sphincter, or butt bomb.

They attack it to an election observer while they are unconcious, them they 
threaten to blow up the victim's as...hole if he or she makes a wrong move 
or spills the beans.

You are bright, Barr. Maybe too bright for your own good.
<http://www.ecocentricsolutions.com/>Steven Hunt • 8/23/04; 7:52:56 AM 

Another excellent, but damning point. I am beginning to think that the 
Cubans have brainwashed the Chavistas.

Only the opposition really sees things the way they are.

How could have I been so mistaken. I feel like a chump.

I am sure that Castro has developed a sophisticated drug that makes people 
hate the private sector and the rich. I just know it.
<http://www.ecocentricsolutions.com/>Steven Hunt • 8/23/04; 10:39:10 AM 
It is people like you, Steven Hunt and alex, who are dragging Venezuela 
towards dictatorship and communism. You sit on your comfy sofas telling us 
to accept that our country is going to run by an ignoramous monkey who 
can't even talk in a respectable and cultured way. Why, I repeat WHY should 
we agree to that? EDUCATED people should be in charge. Everyone knows that. 
What are Chavez's qualifications? He can't even read or write, I bet. These 
low cultured criminals and monkeys are not even CAPABLE of voting for 
people who can run Venezuela propally. That's why they vote for Chavez. 
Because he's an idiot like them. And don't give me your rubbish about 
doctors. Who are these so-called doctors? Have you ever met one? No. I knew 

You need to understand that they are SECURITY AGENTS. Castro is capable of 
anything. ANYTHING. So is Robert Mugabe and your friend Saddam Hussein. 
Saddam attacked the USA on Sept 11. That's a fact. Yet people like you were 
waving anti-war flags and demanding that we surrender to the terrorists. 
Now you want to surrender to Chavez, just because he "won" an election. 
What kind of an argument is that? (even if he DID win, so what?) Soon you 
will understand as all our rights are taken from us and our children sent 
to Cuba for "re-education". Maybe they've already got to you, that's why 
you're already a red.

Chavez stole the election through fraud. That's a FACT. Understand? And 
don't keep going on about evidence. Do you have any evidence he DIDN'T 
cheat? NO! So why should we have to come up with evidence to prove he did? 
Suck on that one, you reds.

Everyone knows that Carter and all the other observers were threatened. As 
soon as they're back home in the free world they'll talk. You'll soon see. 
And if they don't that's because they've been PAID off by the corrupt 
dictator with our oil money.
Barr. K. Engmed • 8/23/04; 10:55:05 AM 
This site is for ANTI-CHAVEZ people. Why don't you go and write on a 
communist site with your new mate, Jimmy Carter?

Have you ever bothered to read what is said here? No. I knew it. This site 
has explained over and over again, USING FACTS, how the so-called doctors 
are Cuban security agents. But still you don't believe it. That's because 
you are a fanatic who will never believe the truth.

If only you knew who was really pulling the strings in Venezuela - Castro 
and Mugabwe - then you would realise how the fraud was done. Read this site 
and learn, you idiot.
Barr. K. Engmed • 8/23/04; 11:06:57 AM 
Name me a SINGLE Venezuelan who has been treated by one of these so-called 

You can't. You are just a brainwashed communist who can't see that 
Venezuela is going communist. All patriotic Venezuelans are against this. 
That's about 80% of the population against communism. Understand?

We must take action to get our country back. CAP was right. We must save 
Venezuela for democracy, even if it means that we have to ask the military 
to help.
Barr. K. Engmed • 8/23/04; 11:13:02 AM 
BKE...! You are so right man...!

I'm Cuban, but exiled in Miami, lived for 20 sad years in comunism..! Trust 
me CAP was right..!

All the way..!
Alberto • 8/23/04; 11:18:45 AM <http://rcs.salon.com/rcsComments/#a129756>#

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