[Marxism] Re: What is the function of a revolutionary party?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 21:43:53 MDT 2004

Mark wrote...
As you are saying that building an antiwar movement should be the
priority when the people don't perceive our being at war as well as when
they do perceive we're in one.  I think it's hard enough to do when
people perceive we are at war, but I'll stand around as a bit player as
you climb up on the rock and do the Chuck Heston number with the Red

Yes. Mark, that is exactly what I am saying.  Despite your analogy of 
walking and chewing gum at one time being your politics and best policy, it 
is obvious that you really stand for walk, stop, chew gum, walk backward, 
chew gum, blow bubble, and so forth.  You are not for making 
anti-imperialism the key activity of your effort to build a revolutionary 
party in the US.  It's too hard, you say.

There are millions of Americans that see the military and militarism as key 
problem at all times, but you simply take your party building elsewhere time 
after time, when the capitalist media is not focused on some hot war 
somewhere or another.  And what about the billions of workers world wide 
that depend on your ability to organize around this issue?  I guerss these 
people are not your constituency, since they cannot be directly recruited to 
an Amercian socialist cadre?

If this was simply Mark's position it would be no worry.  But it is 
mainstream US thought within the socialist Left.

Tony Abdo

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