[Marxism] A hardcore ABB'er

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 25 06:50:14 MDT 2004

I don't know how many people remember John Lacny, a college student who 
used to be a subscriber here until fury against Milosevic drove him to 
leave the list and set up his own Marxism list that was advertised to be 
free of Serb red-brown fascists and people over 30.

Whatever cause he takes up, he certainly invests it with passion. Now that 
he has graduated college and take a post with a union that has historically 
had ties to the CPUSA, he seems to have become infatuated with their 
politics. Whether he is a member or not, I cannot say. The one thing I do 
know is that he puts forward their politics with a kind of zeal that is 
largely missing from a group that has grown flabby in its advanced years. I 
imagine that John looks back nostalgically at the days when people like 
Mike Gold could tell writers whether their novels met socialist realism 
standards or when Trotskyites could get their teeth knocked out for selling 
their newspaper too close to a CP function.

John has a spiffy looking blog called "It's No Accident--Tell no lies, 
claim no easy victories" at johnlacny.com. He also posts regularly on Doug 
Henwood's email list which has become quite the pole of attraction for 
ABB'ers. Over there Carrol Cox and Yoshie get lambasted like clockwork for 
resisting the dubious charms of John F. Kerry.

This is John's latest reply to Yoshie under the subject heading initiated 
quite rightly by her: "Anybody but Nader". I just love what postmodernists 
would call the "totalizing" aspect of John's verbal assault. I would only 
say that his understanding of "discipline" has a lot more in common with 
the Marquis De Sade than Lenin:


Oh God, just stop.

The movement made the decision a long time ago that  unseating this regime 
would be a priority this year.  Especially if you're in a "battleground 
state" like Ohio, or just across the border from Missouri, your job now is 
to do your part to put the plan into action. If you choose to hurt our 
chances of defeating Bush by whining about how Bush needs to be on the 
ballot twice (once as himself and once as "Ralph Nader"), then you are 
breaking faith with the rest of us. The election is only a little more than 
two months away, for Christ's sake.

I can understand if you're an anarchist and not too bright to boot, that 
you'd still be engaged in this childishness. But if you describe yourself 
as a Marxist or Leninist or whatever, you're supposed to at least have some 
sense of democratic discipline in the face of the movement's decisions, 
especially when they were arrived at aeons ago.

So shut the fuck up.

- - - - -
John Lacny

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