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Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Tue Aug 24 13:25:14 MDT 2004

The Best of Contact
Friday Aug 27 > 8 pm eastern, 5 pacific
Aboriginal Peoples TV Network

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This Friday, a repeat broadcast of our provocative discussion between
two survivors of deliberate and relentless attacks on their cultures.

Robbie Waisman, President of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre,
was taken as a child into the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald.
Alvin Dixon, a member of the Heiltsulk Nation, was taken as a child into
one of Canada's notorious Indian residential schools on Vancouver

But are the injustices they faced similar? Should we even speak of them
in the same breath? Is Canada guilty of a genocide, a Holocaust, of its
own against Aboriginal peoples? And if it is, is that genocide over, or
is it still on-going?

As our guests share their stories of struggle and survival, we hope to
learn from their experiences, to forever prevent others having to
re-live the same crimes again. 

[First aired: Jan 23/04]

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