[Marxism] Report that US planes stage heavy bombing of Fallujah

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Aug 25 08:27:59 MDT 2004


August 25, 2004

Iraq: US warplanes bombing Falluja

CAIRO - American warplanes have been heavily bombing
the city of Falluja, Iraq, since early morning on
Wednesday. According to reports of witnesses, the
planes made about 15 runs over the targets, situated
in the eastern part of the city. Strong explosions
were heard for about two hours in that part of

When the U.S. planes appeared in the sky over Falluja,
Iraqi militants opened fire from air-defence guns at
them. No reports came about the bringing down of U.S.

Falluja, situated 65 kilometres west of Baghdad, is
considered to be the stronghold of Sunni militants,
who are waging an armed struggle against the U.S.

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