[Marxism] Re: (fwd) Maoist responses to postmodernism

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Aug 25 11:17:33 MDT 2004

Thomas Lannon wrote:
> There was a point yesterday when the links 're: maoism response to post-modernism' did work > husunzi had one translation of a speech by Han Yuhai titled 'speech without words' which was brilliant > I started to read it and it was fascinating, there was great analysis of madness and markets via Nietschze and Marx...
> ..but I went back to read again last night > and it was gone.  Should husunzi get 
> the links backs at his webspace: <http://students.washington.edu/husunzi/main.html> 

ok, he's updated and changed the link, its now here:


les schaffer
[ from GMANE ]

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