[Marxism] Re: Sistani in Basra, heads for Najaf

Joaquín jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 25 19:20:31 MDT 2004

>>In article after article in the Western press, you'll come across
quotes from Iraqi petty-bourgeois types in Najaf, wringing their hands
over these rouges and outside elements that have installed themselves in
Ali's shrine. In the article referenced above, for example...<<

(turns of tape recorder) Hi, dear friendly native, I may look, sound and
act line an occupation intelligence agent, but actually I am an embedded
reporter with this column of Abrahm tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles
that just demolished your house. Would you like to tell me how *much*
you hate al-Sadr, or would you prefer to be taken away to be tortured
--I mean abused-- at Abu Ghraib prison or shot on the spot?


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