[Marxism] Six Grim Consequences of the ABB Plague

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at msalam.net
Wed Aug 25 21:37:48 MDT 2004

/"I'd rather vote for something I want and not get it than
vote for something I don't want, and get it."/
- Eugene V. Debs


[yes the shameless self promotion continues unabated...]

Six Grim Consequences of the Anybody

But Bush Plague

- *by M. Junaid Alam*

The Anybody But Bush plague has infected the American left with ruthless 
speed and efficiency. Descrying how, why, and under what circumstances 
this or that particular leftist figure has fallen victim to it is a 
rather cumbersome and tedious task best left to the coroners of history. 
It seems far more prudent now to identify, in concrete terms, the most 
important consequences the ABB epidemic will have on our attempts to 
reshape society along more just and rational lines. Below, I outline six 
of them.

*One: *The first and most devastating consequence of ABB politics in the 
short-term is that it has resulted in total political paralysis on the 
burning question of war in Iraq. It is irrefutable that this issue more 
than any other currently occupies the full attention of the American 
public; polls have found that it ranks above any other foreign or 
domestic among the electorate, and that a continually growing -now 
majority - part of the population opposes the war. It is equally 
irrefutable that John Kerry and the Democratic Party have decided not to 
jeopardize the ruling-class consensus to continue and deepen the war 
effort: far from opposing the war, their goal is to appear as more 
efficient and responsible executors of the war than the Bush team.

For a left which has placed its neck in the noose of the Democratic 
Party the implication is obvious: the priority is to elect Kerry, not 
oppose the war. A major segment of the leadership and the rank-and-file 
they influence in the anti-war movement are currently scurrying about 
getting out the vote for John Kerry. The main intellectual and political 
firepower of the liberal anti-war left is and has been directed at 
whipping up the ABB frenzy, slandering Nader, painting Bush as Hitler 
reborn - in other words, not focused on Iraq. This represents a 
tremendous failure to capitalize upon an enormous opportunity: to 
galvanize and consolidate public anti-war sentiment into a powerful 
domestic movement to end the war at this pivotal stage of conflict. 
Instead, with the drive to vote for pro-war Kerry, all that is being 
built up is false illusions among the many who stand against war, and 
the pay envelope of the few who kneel before power.

rest: http://lefthook.org/Politics/Alam082304.html

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