[Marxism] Solidarity convention statement calling for support to Nader-Camejo

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 26 06:57:03 MDT 2004

Adopted by the July 30-August 1 convention of Solidarity in Atlanta
Motion on the 2004 Elections 

Passed by the Tenth Solidarity National Convention, held July 30-August
1 in Atlanta, Georgia 

Solidarity endorses, supports and will participate in the Nader/Camejo
campaign for United States President and will attempt, where possible,
to place their ticket on the ballot in States where they do not yet have

Solidarity urges a vote for Green candidates in state, local and
regional elections in order to build the Green Party and promote
independent political action. 

Solidarity supports the Greens for Nader/Camejo initiative and all those
Green Party activists seeking to build the Green Party and political
independence.  Other progressive, labor and activist organizations from
outside the Green Party will support the Nader/Camejo campaign.
Solidarity supports all such initiatives. 

In our support for the Nader/Camejo campaign we seek to incorporate the
interests of the anti-war and global justice movement and educate
activists in a genuine alternative to capitalism and imperialism in
spite of the limitations of the policies and organizational weaknesses
of the Nader/Camejo campaign. 

We think it is of utmost importance that the Nader/Camejo forces be able
to obtain ballot status, particularly in California where it is
necessary to gather 150,000 signatures in two months.  We also support
the right of the Green Party to be on the ballot, and the efforts to win
ballot status for them. 

In a few states Nader/Camejo will use the Reform ballot line.  Nader has
attempted to reach out to a certain populist groupings identified with
rightist figures not just for ballot line status, but because he feels
many of their supporters are committed to antiwar and anti-US Patriot
Act positions and are less swayed by defeating Bush at all costs.
However he has not changed his political positions in accepting the
endorsements or ballot lines of these groups, and has reaffirmed the
fundamentally antiwar, anti-corporate, pro-worker stance of his
candidacy by selecting prominent California Green Party leader Peter
Camejo as his running mate. 

In particular, by choosing Camejo, Nader has selected someone long
identified with opposition to U.S. intervention abroad, with the Black
civil rights and Latino movement, and with movements and protests
against deportations and for immigrants' rights.  Camejo's views on
these subjects should be widely circulated among supporters of the Green
Party, the Nader campaign, and working people generally. 

We support for the Nader/Camejo ticket in the framework of our ongoing
support to building the Green Party as a party of working people that
challenges the duopoly of the Democrat and Republican parties.  We
believe in a long-term commitment to the Green Party and encourage
activists to stay in it and build it.  We want to maintain a friendly
relations with the party.  Solidarity urges working people to vote for
the GP candidates in statewide and local races as a way of expressing
opposition to the two-party system. 

While we think a combined Green-Nader candidacy would have done more to
build the Green Party, and while we disagree with a "safe-states
strategy," we respect the opinions of those Greens and progressives who
express their opposition to the war and two party system, and seek build
the Green Party as an alternative, by supporting the Cobb/LaMarche
campaign.  We see a vote for Nader/Camejo and a vote for Cobb/LaMarche
as expressions of opposition to the war and occupation.  We are for the
two campaigns developing friendly relations and centering their fire on
the Democrat and Republican parties which are both controlled by the
enemies of working peopleWe believe that there are two conflicting
visions for the Green Party.  One is for a truly independent and
oppositional movement-party; the other is for a truncated half-in,
half-out pressure group on the Democrats.  We favor the former and
believe that Green Party growth has been and will continue to be
connected to that participatory and proudly militant vision that sees
the Green Party as the electoral expression of the social movements. 

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