[Marxism] Socialist Anti-Imperialism: Get the USA and Europe Out of Africa Now!

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 26 09:16:21 MDT 2004

What does it concretely mean to prioritize anti-imperialist work in 
socialist politics?  Let's take the building capitalist campaign to move US/ 
European/ UN troops into yet another African conflict. I am talking about 
the Sudan. What do socialists do to stop this mounting hysteria for 
intervention there?

Do we just ignore it, continue our campaigning for Nadre-Camejo, and hope 
that we are no further inconvenienced by world events like this? Or do we 
react in a timely manner and try to mount opposition to imperialist 
objectives there? Is silence somehow golden here for socialists?  Or is it 
an abdication of our responsiblities to oppose the US and European 
objectives for promoting further strive in Sudan?

So far in the US, we have a mounting unholy alliance of Democratic Party 
Black Caucus types, allied with Republicans and Fundamentalist Christians, 
both campaigning against a supposed Islamic Arab 'genocide' they say is 
underway. And we also have a bunch of European Left goodhearts, combining 
their calls with their own European imperialist governments, mobilizing for 
interventionism, too.  And we have silence from the socialist Left.  We can 
see how all this must look beautiful, to the Zionist Sharonites in Tel Aviv.

We have to ask ourselves; is there more that we could be doing?  Should we 
not articulate a position against Europeans and the US running African 
affairs at this late date in history?  Should we not oppose the calls of 
people like Danny Glover, Jackson, and Rangel, as they combine with the CIA 
in a campaign against the Sudanese government, and make demands from the US 
against African nations?  Or do socialist internationalists remain silent 
here?  After all, maybe we have other priorities than opposing such 
important liberals on this thing of calling for US interventionism there?

Others on this list might not see much need to take a stand now (afterall, 
there is plenty of time to wait), but a socialist movement of inactivity on 
these issues is a pretty conservative animal.  It is timely and important to 
discuss and oppose imperialist interventionsim against North Korea and 
Sudan.  And to mount a campaign of vocal opposition to it now.  These areas 
are no less important than Cuba and Venezuela are.

And besides, we should not be talking it up in regards to these 2 countries 
simply because we like their current governments.  That's not it, Comrades.  
We oppose intervention there, simply because we oppose ALL imperialist 
interventions no matter where our governments' armies go.  We should not 
fall asleep about Afghanistan and the Sudan, simply because capitalist media 
attention is against us on this stuff.

Here is some info on what our liberal opponents are doing to encourage 
further, direct imperialist intervention in the Sudan... 
http://www.hillnews.com/news/071404/rangel.aspx and check here to see who 
Joe Wilson really is 
http://www.washtimes.com/national/20040214-120835-4661r.htm   He is simply 
the Democratic Party wing of the CIA.

Is our antiwar movement work simply around the Iraq occupation?  And should 
we build more than just coalitions that are more anti-Bush than antiwar?  If 
our priority is to build a movement to stop the war machine, then we have to 
do more than just leaving it up to the miniscule WWP cadre and their ANSWER. 
We should make it our priority to do so.

Stop genocide!  Get the US out of African affairs and off the African 
continent.  Let's campaign for that NOW.

Tony Abdo

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