[Marxism] Rift in ABBer's?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 26 09:24:32 MDT 2004

>Of course there is a way to vote against the war, which Klein won't deal
>with. Still this split is good news I think. The political landscape may
>look quite different in a few days.
>Jon Flanders

There's been a breach in the pro-Kerry dike to some extent. Although Klein 
still urges a vote for him, she is decidedly to the left of people like 
Gitlin and David Corn. If you go to marccooper.com, you'll see a steady 
assault on Kerry even though--like Klein--I assume he'll vote for him. And 
on the Progressive magazine website, there's a fairly strong critique of 
Kerry and the Democrats by editor Ruth Coniff. Again, I doubt if she'll 
urge a vote for Nader. I think that the steady drumbeat of coverage in the 
bourgeois press about Kerry's prowar twists and turns, his affinity for 
super-rich donors to the DP, etc. combined with articles by folks like 
Alexander Cockburn and general hell-raising by Nader and Camejo is starting 
to have an impact. 

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