[Marxism] Letter of resignation from Socialist Alternative (Australia)

Ozleft ozleft at optushome.com.au
Thu Aug 26 09:34:18 MDT 2004


There is an unacknowledged crisis in Socialist Alternative. The entire 
Brisbane branch, with only a handful of exceptions, have left the 
organisation. This comes at the end of a long process of bureaucratic 
and political harassment, which should be of concern to all members. The 
immediate causes of tonight's events are only one of the most recent. 
The NE recently declared Emma T unfinancial, with scheduled branch 
committee elections two weeks overdue, on the pretext that the branch 
owed the national organisation $470 (which had been used to help pay for 
transport to the NUS Education Conference in Sydney). This was a 
blatantly factional attack by the NE on a vocal critical member. This 
has brought Brisbane members to the end of their tether. It is 
regrettable that good comrades have been forced to the point of 
resignation by the political errors and bureaucratic manoeuvres of the NE.

Full: http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/Saltresignation.html

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