[Marxism] Sudan and Anti-Imperialism

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 26 11:04:47 MDT 2004


I think Tony Abdo is right to stress that socialists, instead of merely 
pointing out the US government's inactivity with regard to the slaughter in 
the Sudan, would do well to staunchly oppose US intervention there. On what 
basis, however, can a socialist argue that no military action should be 
taken in Sudan? What are the facts regarding government action against 
nomadic tribes there, and on what basis are such apparently brutal policies 
being conducted? In short, does anyone on the list actually know the forces 
driving the conflict there? Are there any good books or articles, online or 
otherwise, which provide coherent explanations of and background to the 
situation there? If direct imperialsit intervention is to be opposed in the 
Sudan, what are the measures socialists should be calling for to be taken in 
regard to what is happening?

I appreciate any response,


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