[Marxism] Re: Al sistani followers massacred in Kufa mosque

Joaquín jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 26 20:36:43 MDT 2004

Andrew Pollack writes: "On the other hand -- and here's what's new --
they claimed to have told US troops to stay out of the same suburb where
this happened."

Here is what I noticed as new to me: "Many members of the Iraqi police
joined squads of the WPIraq which are now responsible for conducting
patrols and running check points 24 hours a day in both of these two
suburbs. "

Obviously "many police" couldn't be doing this without approval from
their American masters. This seems to be joint patrols by a party that
has steadfastly refused to join the resistance and seems to aim most of
its propaganda against "political Islam" and the quisling puppet

It doesn't look to me like "a new, worker-led front against the


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