[Marxism] Rightwing Duopoly

James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Fri Aug 27 02:09:14 MDT 2004

I forwarded the article by Adrian Kuzminsky, Counterpunch (August 18 2004)
on the right-wing duopoly because I thought it was a masterly description of
a process which is also going on in Britain and being attempted in France
and Germany. But it is short on class analysis and explanation, even of the
ideological dimension. For instance, why the large vote for Perot, who
promised to run the United States "like a business"? The reference to "a
wasted vote for Nader" is too dismissive, and the vision of tending the
sacred flame in a monastic retreat not only elitist but the logical outcome
of the belief that "It has always been madness to try to remould the world
in one's image...", belief in a universal truth held to be justified by the
particular evidence of the invasion of Iraq!

Admittedly attempts at a third-party intervention in Britain by Arthur
Scargill and George Galloway have not been promising, even at a time when
New Labour is expelling unions for contributing to the funds of non-Labour
Parliamentary candidates, and unions are disaffiliating from the party.
Blair's success at crisis management (helped by massive contributions from
"industry") and the refusal by the parliamentary "rebels" to ditch Blair is
due to their shared belief that the process described by Kuzminsky is


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