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  ueber  Blunt and  ¿schematic? answer to Re: [Marxism] Question

NG> But there is no such a thing as global capital.  There are "national"
NG> capitals, this contradiction is built into the very fabric of the
NG> capitalist mode of production and its historical development.

   Not quite, there is capital as such, but the capital classes are  
organized into nation states, and they can't do other.

   But the capitalists on their own are not nationalist at all, one  
should just check e.g. what the CEO of Hoechst did to the company he  
lead, which does exist no more, and whose main part is now the  
subsidiary of a french company. Individual capitals do not act in the  
"national interest", but they only have typically one nation state to  
exercise violence in their interest.

   What about companies like Royal Dutch Shell with its roots in both  
Britain and Netherlands?

NG> At most, under particular pressure, some "national" capitals can
NG> coalesce as they did in Western Europe,

   I disagree with your analysis. I do not see that national capitals  
did "coalesce" within the European Union. They just formed a  
coalition, in order to create am internal market which can rival with  
the US-american internal market. The nation states try to get closer,  
by creating a common military force, the EuroCorps -- which has been  
swiftly countered by the USA by initiating a similar force within and  
by NATO.

NG> but please note that the incorparation of the "new members" to the  
UE is thusly prepared as to
NG> turn them into a semicolonial area of expansion for Western Europe.

   we'll see

NG> Maybe the vast area between Riga and Bratislava can become, in not so
NG> far a future, the breeding ground for a massive uprising.  Maybe
NG> Central Eastern Europe becomes the Bosnia-Herzegovina of the new
NG> Austro-Hungarian Empire now known as UE.

   Nice idea to see this analogy.

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