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>   ueber  Blunt and  ¿schematic? answer to Re: [Marxism] Question
> NG> But there is no such a thing as global capital.  There are
> "national" NG> capitals, this contradiction is built into the very
> fabric of the NG> capitalist mode of production and its historical
> development.
>    Not quite, there is capital as such, but the capital classes are 
> organized into nation states, and they can't do other.
>    But the capitalists on their own are not nationalist at all, one 
> should just check e.g. what the CEO of Hoechst did to the company he 
> lead, which does exist no more, and whose main part is now the 
> subsidiary of a french company. Individual capitals do not act in the 
> "national interest", but they only have typically one nation state to 
> exercise violence in their interest.

Please note I wrote "blunt and schematic" on the Subj.: line.

Taken one to one, individual capitalISTs, as possessors of a fraction 
of capital, do not act in the "national interest".  We are fully 
agreed on that.  But it is national revolutions which make individual 
capitalists act in the national interest, or else... Or else, what?  
Well, witness the rolling heads under the Tudors, the rolling heads 
under the French Terreur, and so on.  Unless the will of the social 
formation forces you to act in the national interest by coercitive 

>    What about companies like Royal Dutch Shell with its roots in both 
> Britain and Netherlands?

This question leads to another issue:  as regards the world market, 
national revolutions at the core countries have made it very much 
sure that companies like Shell act on behalf of the interests of the 
nations that compose that core, and not on behalf of the interests of 
other nations.  I may imagine Royal Dutch Shell (who, it is said and 
BTW, may well leave Argentina soon and for good, I drink to it) 
working on behalf of the "national interest" (inverted commas to 
denote the limitations of this definition, Lüko...) of Norway, but 
never, never of Nigeria.

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