[Marxism] Chavez: "Have to eliminate large landholdings inVenezuela'

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Sat Aug 28 10:09:49 MDT 2004

Chavez is being very honest here, they've implement a form of land 
distribution to over 100,000 peasant families (far more than Lula for 
example in Brazil) and unlike Lula in Brazil, carries out his promises. 

To date, the 'land reform' in Venezuela is based on occupation and 
distribution of unused, state owned land. No direct confrontation with 
the large land owners has occurred to my knowledge, and as most reports 
seem to indicate, with Chavez support actually greater in the country 
side than in the cities, there is little 'class struggle' going on 
there from either side.

Chavez is now upping the ante, indicating he's going to go after the 
land owners themselves. We will wait and see, and personally, I'm on 
his side...at least virtually :)

But, it is not just a question of social-justice. It's question of food 
independence. Most of the big land owners, like the ones in Brazil, and 
other countries, want to produce for the world market, as an income 
source, not as part of the 'national economy' that has development 
relate to the commodity needs of the masses of the country. As stated 
here previously, Venezuela is a net importer of food (even as it 
exports food). Chavez hopes to reverse this, breaking up the large 
holdings into smaller, self-sufficient and more productive food 
producing, peasant/free-farmer owned land.


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